Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Turning Point

Exactly one year ago today I was photographed for a public service ad for a wonderful local organization. This image, with the background knocked out, appeared in the quarter page newspaper ad that ran multiple times. It wasn't vanity that made me cringe each time it was published, it was astonishment that I'd become so obese and unhappy. So when a few weeks later my sister Janna saw that The Biggest Loser was holding a casting call in Portland, I was ready to make the trip with her.
We didn't make that BL cast, although in Sept. we were on the short list before being cut. It was then that Dr. Pennings and Dr. Neal offered hope in the form of the Optifit program and the rest is history.

Janna and I are well on our way to being half the women we were a year ago. But I keep a copy of this newspaper ad in full view in my office. Never again will I put my health and fitness on the backburner, at the bottom of my priority list.
Much has changed in a year, far beyond the 48 pounds lost. I've rediscovered the real me, the happy me. And I'll continue the journey, one day, one pound at a time.