Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swim Season

Since it's not likely that I will now or ever pose for a photo in a swimsuit, I offer a visual that kind of blew me away this week. I love water, always have, and no matter how much my weight increased through the years I still swam in our beautiful lakes and rivers in the summer and at the pool in the off season. For the past two years I wore the orange and yellow suit (sz 22). This winter it started hanging so loose it became a little riske`. I replaced it with a tank suit for water aeobics the first of the year in a size 16. The green suit shown is my newest swimwear ... a pretty Catalina, incredibly a size 12/14! I've been keeping my old suits just for comparison.
What is amazing to me to look at these two suits is how much longer the orange one looks. But it had to fit around my butt, belly and bust and it fit snuggly just a year ago. When I tried on the new green, smaller one I expected to feel like a stuffed sausage. But it actually fit comfortably and I have no doubt it will be hanging loose before the end of summer.
Everybody in the pool! :)


On May 1, my sister and I achieved what we never thought possible ... we walked 7.46 miles with our youngest sister Ronna, my three daughters, Alyssa, Melani and Sarah, Janna's youngest son, Derek and Ronna's youngest daughter, Emily, and over 50,000 others in Bloomsday. I stared that Doomsday Hill buzzard right in the eye and continued on. It wasn't easy but it was worth it.
I felt so empowered to cross that finish line, the real one and the one in my mind that had serious doubts that I could do it.
A photo album of the milestone day is HERE.