Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweet tempations ...

February has already brought a couple of lifestyle lessons. Early in the month I traveled on business for a few days. Being out of the routine of working out and swimming was hard, although I did get some walking in between hotels in Boise. Conference food wasn't difficult to avoid but any time you're needing to depend upon restaurants for meals is a challenge. Felt good to make the right choices, even out of my regular routine.
Then along came chocolate. Lots of chocolate. I accepted a request to judge the Coeur d'Alene Downtown Association's Chocolate Fair. Comes with the territory of being a local "celeb," certainly not the level of having autograph seekers or papparazi, but of being a known face and name through a newspaper column and morning radio show. I prepared myself to simply taste, not eat, an assortment of chocolate confections, and my OptiFit trainer Cate and I talked about how many potential fat calories I might consume. I ate smart on Friday morning and afternoon so by the time I arrived to begin judging at 4:30 p.m. I wasn't hungry. Walking to the different judging locations in downtown added up to several blocks in motion. Tasting approximately two dozen sweet treats took a toll, though. By the end of my judging duties I was a bit nauseous, not for lack of the quality of the entries but because I no longer consume much sugar or fat. Realistically it was maybe 300-400 calories but I'm glad I did it. It's real life, part of my real life, and it was a valuable reminder that I like the way I feel and look now far more than I like chocolate. :)
*if you click on the Downtown Association link there are photos of the event, including a photo of my "leftovers," the sampled but uneaten treats. I carried a ziplock baggie in my pocket and after sampling I put the remainder in the bag. My husband enjoyed his own sweet treat sampling when I got home. :)


  1. Good job Kerri! You do look a lot better than chocolate cake!

  2. nice job! good to have a plan going into something like that, too. i'm afraid i probably would have been eating everything in sight rather than just tasting. p.s. can i have your autograph?


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