Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Real food

In the sometimes crazy world that is my life, I find myself interacting with food in unexpected ways. When the owner of Rosa's Italian Deli asked if I'd like to be included on the restaurant's Celebrity Menu, I was flattered but very conflicted. I'm a work in progress in dealing with the myriad of food issues that have found me fighting and winning the battle of weight. Then I realized I could set a good example for any of my column readers and radio show listeners by creating something that was heart healthy and balanced. Tina and I came up with the Main Street Mojo sandwich ... served open-faced so there's just a single slice of multi-grain Italian bread. :) Topped with albacore tuna dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, tossed with sun dried tomatoes, sweet onions and capers, served on a lettuce leaf. It's good but as you can see from this photo, more than twice the portion size I would eat at one meal. A balancing act to be sure but I'm taking some satisfaction in how educated I'm becoming.

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