Monday, January 24, 2011

All Wet

An important component to revising my life is to add regular physical activity, ie: exercise. Exercise is a word right up there with diet that sounds like punishment to me. So several weeks ago I went back to the pool. For me swimming is a treat, I love pools, lakes, rivers ... anywhere I can get wet. Bonus points if the sun is shining and I'm outdoors, but this is January and I live in North Idaho so the pool at McGrane Center at KMC is a great alternative. I buy a 12-visit punchcard and spend an hour two or three times a week putting myself through the paces, jogging in waist-deep water 100 times from one side of the pool to the other. The styrofoam dumb bells add resistance to working my arms under water. I stretch and kick and thoroughly enjoy myself the entire time. Today was cause to chuckle ... the swimsuit that I filled out to stretched seams last summer is now hanging loose and baggy. Good thing there were few people in the pool with me since the five inches I've lost off my bustline made exercising a little precarious. Bye bye swimsuit, time to dig a bit deeper in the closet for one that's a few sizes smaller.

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