Saturday, January 29, 2011


In a moment of sisterly solidarity I agreed to join Janna in the 35th running of Bloomsday on the first Sunday in May. Me! The woman who has spent the first Saturday in May for decades enjoying the Run for the Roses, aka the Kentucky Derby, where the thoroughbreds do the running on four legs. In 2011, Janna and I will join friends we've made in the OptiFit program on the famous 7.46 mile Bloomsday course, which includes the ominous Doomsday Hill and over 50,000 participants. From 9 a.m. start to the course closing just 4.5 hours later calls for walking about 2 miles per hour. Yikes. It's a realistic goal for nearly three months hence. What's funny is to be aware of the voices in my ear. On one shoulder the out-of-shape, overweight Kerri with four coronary arterial stents, who carries nitroglycerin tablets at all times is saying, "YOU CANNOT DO THIS!" Today I'm vowing to start giving the positive, can-do Kerri a bigger voice in my ear.


  1. Would I let my sisters run a race without me there? I think not! Count me in! 20 miles shorter than a marathon, sounds fun. :)

  2. Baby sister ... only on the condition that you realize it's just a really long and festive walk for me and Janna, not a race! :)

  3. To me, it seems the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest! I am the uncontested slowest walker in the world, it will be a huge challenge on my painful bunyon and arthritic knees, but I'm goin' for it!


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